Modern Antique Brick

Vintage Collection
Vintage Collection Pine Hall Brick's Vintage Collection is an oversize simulated tumbled brick that gives you the look of an authentic tumbled brick but at a more attractive price. With all new color selections, this series is sure to have a style that's just right for your home style. (5.8 oversize brick/sf)

Sandalwood Oversize

Galveston Bay Oversize

Millstone Oversize


Sandhills Oversize

Heritage Series - Georgia Plant
Heritage Series - Georgia Plant Rich, warm colors and handcrafted textures give this series of premium brick an antique look with contemporary style. Hues of red, rose, brown and burgundy give you the perfect color choice for your new home!
(5.8 queen size brick/sf, 7 modular brick/sf)

Cypress Cove Queen (GA)

Browns Ferry Queen (GA)

Spanish Moss Queen (GA)

Habersham Queen (GA)

Cozumel Queen (GA)

Stonington Queen (GA)

Weatherwood Queen (GA)

Northbridge Queen (GA)

Farmington Queen (GA)

Manchester Modular (GA)

Sedgefield Queen (GA)